If you have any questions my cell number is on
the top right corner of the website.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

I rarely have a litter. However, if your interested in my 
upcoming litter, please text me stating a good time to chat.
 I will get back to you and set up a time when I can answer
all your schnauzer questions.

Adopted Below
Thank you Lindsay for coming to me to adopt your 2nd
Crown puppy. My baby girl is truly blessed.
Liver Tan female 
(All 3 photos above of same puppy)

Puppies Page Updated 

I have home raised pups available to loving pet 
homes occasionally.
To inquire about our current availability,
please text me.
  12p.m.-7 p.m. P.S.T.
I do not answer blocked calls.
"My phone number is in the top right side of the screen"

Go to and enter
"crownschnauzers channel"
to view all my videos.

"Past pups" 
we proudly produced right here.

Our puppies are raised in our home with their parents as part of our family.
They are held throughout the day because we just can't help ourselves.
Our pups understand that play time is on the ground and cuddle time is mellow
time. View our video below of my husband giving belly rubs to our puppies and
see how well socialized and behaved our schnauzer pups are.
Great Health, Temperament, Conformation and Socialization
are the primary goals of each and every one of the puppies
we bring into this world.

See all my mini schnauzer videos by clicking here:
or type "crownschnauzers"in
the search bar at

No one can honestly guarantee Size!

These two puppies above are the same age and
pictured at 3 weeks and 7 weeks of age.
A great example of why nobody can guarantee
a puppy is going to be toy size or teacup
until 8 weeks of age. And even at that
age it is still just a guess.
Fact: Schnauzers grow until they are 2 years old.
There are NO schnauzer lines that just stop
gaining weight at 7-8 months of age....EVER!
Beware of people that advertise "micro" teacups.
A micro teacup would weigh no more than
1 pound even at 4 months of age. Does
that sound like a healthy puppy to you?

**Never let your dog eat a child's stuffed toy! The
stuffing is made of material that is flame retardant and
has mite control. Your dog will die because it forms a highly
toxic gel that will quickly kill his intestines!**

We no longer reply to email inquiries. We happily
answer phone calls and text photos of available pups
if you would like to see our little angels.


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