We found the Miniature Schnauzer breed after I did weeks of studying and comparing 
different breeds . When your husband is allergic to every dog and cat he has touched, you
begin to wonder if pets will ever be part of your life. We were thrilled when our first schnauzer
pup did not give my husband his typical symptoms of watery eyes, red bumps and constant
sneezing. The other huge bonus...we found a dog that didn't leave any hair on my furniture or
on my clothes . We just absolutely fell in love with how constantly joyful and intelligent
Miniature/Toy Schnauzer personalities are. My purebred pets are wonderful cuddle
buddies on the couch and have wonderful temperaments with both my small children and
visitors who stop by to see our toy schnauzers in person.
The Schnauzer breed has very few genetic health issues which makes them an extremely healthy
breed when they are properly tested and bred for quality. If you research Schnauzer health
issues you will see over and over again how their health surpasses all other breeds and keeps vet
bills minimal. We do all the testing here at Crown Schnauzers that in our opinion is absolutely
necessary to maintain this beautiful breed of dog. This includes a thorough eye exam by a board
certified canine ophthalmologist to make absolutely certain that when we do decide to have a 
litter...the pups will come from parents with no genetic eye issues. 
Our little angels fill homes and hearts with unconditional love, 
joy and priceless memories. From our hearts to your home...Schnauzer Blessings.
If you have any questions my cell number is on
the top right corner of the website
Please call me with any questions about my pups
but sending text messages saying "how much?"
will get no response. I am looking for forever
homes and really want families that base their
decision on a series of questions and personal phone 
calls are what I appreciate the most. I like to know
about the home you are going to provide for my 
little angel.


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